CBD Oil for Sleep

I’m going to be sharing with you my three-month long experiment using CBD oil for improved sleep.

Definitely part of my sleep disturbance has been due to my pets. I take in a lot of stray pets and I also have pets with special needs and illnesses. at one time I might be having a stray adjust within the environment of my other cats so that’s definitely one thing that has impact my sleep over the last decade but I wanted to give you a little bit of history about my own sleep disturbance. As I said it’s been about eight or nine years now that my sleep pattern started to change there are times when I have outright insomnia where I can’t sleep at all but then I often suffer from the inability to fall asleep. It can take one to three hours to fall asleep then I also frequently wake up in the night and there can be nights where I wake up almost every hour on the hour.
In addition to that, I also wake up very, very early when I do sleep so it’s not uncommon for me to be awake at 2:00 3:00 4:00 in the morning and I’m unable to go back to sleep. So I was reading an article on CBD oil and saw that it listed sleep as one of its potential benefits so I knew right away it was something that I wanted to try. I gave it a three month trial period to see if it would indeed be effective for me. I did further research and what’s behind that is that CBD oil is considered to be an adaptogen and all that means is that it’s a class of plants that are believed to have a rebalancing or a normalizing influence on the body and that’s based specifically on a person’s needs so adaptogens are most well known for the effect of reducing stress on your physical body as well as mental stress. So that’s why we’re seeing in the news now that CBD oil is sort of a cure-all because it can be used for pain, it can be used for anxiety disorders, and also relax them for sleep. In my research of it I realized that adaptogen plants have been used for thousands of years in hindu traditional medicine and also traditional Chinese medicine and probably the most common one you may have seen like health food stores.
It’s often found in teas would be holy basil which is also something that people use as a supplement to reduce stress and anxiety and the way i always try to use analogy so that I can understand something and when I was thinking about it adaptogens and how they’re saying that specifically with something like CBD oil that every single person will react differently. Well they’re a great example would be both coffee and alcohol i think we all know people who can drink like five six cups of coffee and not experience any adverse effects or another person maybe you can only have you know one cup and then they get the jitters or bothers their stomach and definitely the same with alcohol. We all know people who can have five six seven drinks and be acting normal or another person has a drink or two and their body is really being impacted by the alcohol.
So i set up a little display here for you because i wanted to go over some of the specific details about this brand select CBD to show you how this is a little bit different and unique compared to some of the other brands out there that i tried and the first being that they have created a few categories for some of their CBD oils. One is called relax and another is called revive another is called focus and obviously this is the lavender flavor here and this is from the relaxed category and what is really cool about it is that they have created what they term a tincture because they have added herbs to the CBD oil to complement and enhance its effects for whatever it is that you’re trying to achieve.
That was very appealing to me because you’ve seen on my channel I’m a really big fan of Bach Flower Remedies I’ve worked with them for a coupl ofe years now I find them to be very effective and of course I love anything that’s natural so you know I was excited to see that they were being creative in the processing and the packaging of this CBD oil and you’ll see on the back here that the ingredients are fractionated coconut oil CBD oil passion flower chamomile lavender extract and stevia extract and the flavor of the lavender flavor taste I guess how lavender smells.
The only other thing I could maybe compare it to is if you’ve ever eaten a fresh basil leaf it’s sort of similar to that but very pleasant and this is a thousand milligrams bottle so it’s 30 MLS or one fluid ounce and what’s nice on this bottle is still to tell you on the side here that one serving size is one dropper one ml and there’s 30 servings in here if you were to take one dropper at a time the other really unique thing that they do here which not all CBD oils provide this information nor do they even come with a box but they’ll tell you right on here that one serving has 33.3 milligrams of CBD oil and that’s something important to know when you’re experimenting in determining how much CBD oil do you actually need for it to be effective.