How My Body Reacted to Taking CBD Oil for 30 Days

I’ve been taking CBD products for the last year I had never taken them before. I don’t smoke weed. So last year when I came across it, it was really wild that it actually was something I ended up liking. So I want to tell you the story of how I discovered it and how I use it and how it’s helped me and why I think it’s a great product.

So let’s go back. Well about a year ago just around this time, I’m in New York I had just gotten back from Florida. A few weeks before and I was staying in this gorgeous hotel I was staying in the ocean we got upgraded to this gorgeous presidential bridal suite for practically nothing. They just hooked us up I guess cuz it’s not really that crowded in the Windsor but it was like enchanting experience and for whatever reason, I was so depressed and down I felt like I was just as low as I was ten years ago when I took myself off of Adderall so I did not felt that depressed and that long, to the point where I actually thought I need to go to a doctor because something’s wrong with me like I shouldn’t be feeling this way. I think felt right I felt foggy like I had a cloud over my head I felt depressed like my mood could not go up I felt like there was nothing positive I could think about and I should have had positive things to think about because of where I was because of all the projects I was doing. I had so many great things happening in my life and it was just so much to be excited and grateful for it.
But for whatever reason, I was so down but I didn’t know what to do I went running, I tried working out in the gym, I was eating healthy, I tried doing it consistently because usually that takes me out of that mood and it just wasn’t working. Nothing was taking me out of that mood working out, eating healthy it just nothing even watching my favorite shows play video games I was like I’m just depressed and it scared me because I never experienced that level of depression and brain fog except for when I went off Adderall that I really thought something’s gotta be wrong.
I went to the health food store, I picked up a smoothie and at the register, I saw a sign for a product, its CBD and back then this was the first time I’d ever seen anything like this. I never even heard of it before so I just figured out give it a try and do some research. So I went back to my hotel I took some of the CBD under my tongue and then within 30 minutes I felt so much better that I called my mom and I was like wow this is really amazing like this stuff actually worked. When something works for me I just become like an evangelist of it like I want to tell everybody about it because maybe it’ll help somebody else and that’s why I have his YouTube channel.
I felt great it really got rid of that fog that I had it got rid of that feeling of aloneness and that over chattery brain. Like for example, the night before being just over at analytical about so much and thinking too much about what people are saying to me and feeling sensitive about things like that. Part of my brain that was focusing on all that just seemed to go away like it became unimportant.
I didn’t want to still know it was something happening biologically in me to cause that issue and how can I prevent that because I didn’t want to depend on anything. I want to make sure to understand what’s happening at the root of my issues, so at that point I went and I did some research and I found that maybe I had low levels of vitamin D or b12 or folate and I didn’t even think that I would have a little levels of any of those things because I make sure to get them in my diet like through the food but something must be lacking so I looked at my DNA test and I saw that I have the potential for low folate level but it said that folic acid could be really bad for somebody with this mutation this MTHFR mutation and it could cause extremely low levels of dopamine and serotonin and lead to mental health issues like depression and bipolar and a DD and ADHD.
So I had never even heard of that before but that’s the specific gene it’s linked to a TD, if you’ve ever been wondering. So I read that I have that mutation I have the one that does most likely cause the most issues with people’s folate metabolism and causes very low dopamine levels. So instead, I learned that I have to stay away completely from folic acid and have foliat instead. Easily absorbed into my body and It helps my methylation system. I also take methylated b12 and I take vitamin D so when I brought those things into my diet I noticed big changes and I realized that I didn’t mean this as much there were still instances where I would get over ones with anxiety like if I had to public speak like this event I went to last year and I had to speak at that event and I even though I was on a panel it wasn’t like I was doing my own presentation. I was so anxious but this really helped get rid of all that overthinking I was doing now granted I still felt my heart racing when I was on stage but this helped me greatly reduce the overthinking.
I was taking CBD and I didn’t feel as overthinking and I felt a lot less stressed out so this really helped me a lot and it just took away that edge of like panic that I had. So right now I’m taking CBD MD 1,500 milligrams oil I put it under my tongue and you just need a little teeny tiny drop or the dropper if you need more. I find that I really don’t need more than just a couple drops  but you really won’t need more than that you’ll feel the effects I’ve tested it to see when I’ve had extremely stressful anxiety situations like getting my tooth pulled or being in a like conflict at work like issues like that let’s like you know I’ll give it up be like a test animal and I’ll just like give it a shot I’ll try a little bit and see if it works and it’s worked for me dramatically in reducing overthinking.