Use CBD for Pain Management

There’s a really unique kind of pain cycle loop that occurs in the body, simply put, we sometimes get in this like a broken record it’s just this revolving kind of cyclic pain receptivity pain experience that the body undergoes and a lot of that has to do with imbalances and deficiencies in your endocannabinoid system.

How CBD is so effective for pain?

There are tons of clinical studies the European Journal of pain that has identified CBD and his benefits specifically on arthritis. There are multiple journal articles and clinical research surrounding CBD and pain management particularly in cancer cases like Parkinson’s, arthritis, chronic pain, MS joint pain, muscle pain. For those of you familiar with my work I do a ton of lymphatic work and there are lymphatic disorders like lipedema that are categorized by painful limbs painful extremities and painful skin. I use CBD with so many of those cases because it actually helps our treatment protocol. What I want to do is explain a little bit about what CBD and properties of cannabidiol in your body, How it works in stopping receptivity to certain proteins and compounds that trigger the pain response, so simplifying the science behind it.
Basically, CBD is a binding agent that blocks certain compounds that trigger pain receptivity that’s pretty impressive because it doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re resolving the root of the pain source but we’re driving down the pain tolerance and we’re driving down that painful experience. If you are a chronic pain sufferer you know how awful, how debilitating and how chronically terrible this pain situation is. It takes over your body, it takes over your life, it affects your chemical composition and where I see the most benefit not only from the mechanical-chemical benefits and composition of CBD impacting your pain receptivity and regulating your nerves and the response to pain but it also has been clinically proven to reduce inflammation. This is a really, really significant friend. The significance here with CBD and lowering inflammation is that it literally lowers the information in not only your brain but your central nervous system and throughout your whole entire body so a lot of times as a naturopath what I look at with individuals that are dealing with pain is the underlying cause, it’s inflammation. That inflammation actually causes this kind of swelling experience, the swelling then presses on nerves and then we have this whole nerve cascade that sends signals and the body registers that signal as pain and you feel pain at that spot.
Sometimes those nerve bundles nerve sheaths are impacted and for folks who have fibromyalgia lupus. There are huge huge benefits I have seen so many patients in my clinic who are prescribed really strong opioids and essentially it is equivalent of like tranquilizing a horse in terms of pain. One of the amazing reasons that I’d love to recommend CBD oil for folks who are dealing with chronic pain and are seeing pain management providers.
There is no negative impact on your liver and this is significant if you are dealing with intense pain and you’ve gone beyond taking aspirin or Tupac naproxen sodium and you’re now in the opioid or pre opioid category where you’re taking really really strong medications that have addictive aspects to them and also tolerance levels that you continue to have to increase your dosing because your body becomes tolerant. There are a liver impact and your liver we need to be cognizant of your liver health with dealing with the inflammation the pain and just helping to balance your body.
CBD has no ill effect on the liver this is a significant benefit for individuals that I specifically help who are on those Okoye opioids who want to get off of them transition off of them that middle space of that transition we titrate down obviously with working with your pain management team but we can add in the CBD on top of that and ultimately titrate you off of the opioids without having an addictive aspect.